Altoona-Blair County Airport

Fly Altoona

Altoona-Blair County Airport welcomes our guests to Central Pennsylvania. We have compiled the following information that we hope you will find useful and informative as you visit our region. If you would like more information, we are happy to assist you! Please feel free to contact our friendly staff at: (814) 793-2027.

Where Am I?

Altoona-Blair County Airport (AOO) is located in North Woodbury Township in rural Martinsburg, PA, 14 miles southwest of Altoona – the 11th largest metropolitan area in Pennsylvania.

Altoona-Blair County Airport Address:
310 Airport Drive
Martinsburg, PA 16662

Latitude: 40°17’42.8″N
Longitude: 78°19’28.1″W
(40.295232, -78.324480)

Nearest General Stores

The following stores are located within a few minutes’ drive of our rural airport:

Dollar General Store
2297 Curryville Road
Martinsburg, PA
Phone: (412) 282-3045

Long’s Outpost
3969 Cove Mountain Road
Martinsburg, PA
Phone: (814) 793-4930

The Village Closet & Country Store
3922 Cove Mountain Road
Martinsburg, PA
Phone: (814) 793-2336

What Am I Looking At?

Appalachian Mountain Ridge and Valley Province
When flying over our region, you may be interested to know a little more about what you are looking at as you gaze out your airplane window. Geologically, the region surrounding Altoona-Blair County Airport is the Ridge and Valley Province of the Appalachian Mountains, characterized by a series of northeast-southwest oriented synclines and anticlines whose high points are composed of sedimentary rocks from the Early Paleozoic period. The valleys are largely comprised of shales and limestones which are more susceptible to erosion. This ancient mountain range has been worn down over time and holds vast mineral resources – including the coal that helped shape the economy of the region during the Industrial Revolution.

The Appalachian Divide
Much of the region east of the Appalachian divide (the Allegheny Front) was previously under the water of the Atlantic Ocean – the former continental shelf during the last interglacial period. Therefore, the area is rich in fossils of ancient flora and fauna. Karst topography is present and can be observed in caves and caverns throughout the area, including Lincoln Caverns in Huntingdon, Penn’s Cave in Centre Hall (18 miles east of State College), and Tytoona Cave in Sinking Valley (12 miles north of Altoona).

What Is That Landscape Feature?

If you are interested in learning more about the landscape features as you fly over them, we invite you to explore the free Flyover Country App, available for Apple and Android devices. It uses your phone’s GPS and does not require Wi-Fi. Be sure to download the information for your flight path in advance.

Name That Mountain!

Are you interested in discovering the names of the mountain peaks you are looking at? Download the free PeakVisor App (Apple Products) or the PeakFinder App (Apple and Android Products). Free Wi-Fi is available in the Altoona-Blair County Airport terminal for your convenience.

Planning & Packing

When planning your trip to Central Pennsylvania, we encourage you to keep the following information in mind so you can make the most out of your time here.

Climate & Clothing

For much of the year, the climate of Martinsburg and the surrounding Central Pennsylvania region is cold and wet. While the snow is beautiful and the temperate rainforest climate is quite lush, it can be uncomfortable to explore if you are not properly prepared. If you are visiting us from October through May, plan to bring a warm sweater, long pants, heavy winter coat, warm knit hat, scarf, gloves or mittens, and insulated, waterproof boots. If you plan to walk or hike outdoors from December through April, you may also wish to bring along a pair of ice cleats to wear over your boots.

What to Pack
When packing for your trip, please be sure to review prohibited items, security guidelines, and regulations enforced by the Transportation and Security Administration, as well as the baggage policies of Altoona-Blair County Airport’s aircraft service provider:

Preparing for Arrival at Altoona-Blair County Airport

Check-In and security screening at Altoona-Blair County Airport is relatively fast, easy, and straightforward. Check in for your flight at the main terminal and you will be directed to the TSA security screening area to be cleared for your flight. Please plan to arrive at least 45 minutes* before your scheduled flight.

First-Time Flyer?

What to Expect at the Airport

  1. Check-in for your flight.
  2. Check (hand over) any luggage that will be transported in the cargo hold. Keep important items (including medications, cash, valuables, and electronics) with you in your carry-on bag.
  3. Pass through TSA Security Screening Gateway to departure hall.
  4. Locate your boarding gate.
  5. Climb aboard the plane and fly to your destination.
  6. Upon arrival, pick up any luggage you handed over at the baggage claim area. Enjoy your trip!

Connecting Flights

If you will be boarding a connecting flight, please be aware that you should plan your connecting flight to allow at least 90 minutes* for check-in and TSA screening. In addition, keep in mind that the minimum connect time between airlines is 75 minutes for airline baggage claim from one airline and baggage re-check to the next airline at the respective airline’s ticket counter, as well as re-screening with airport security.

*Prepare to allow for additional time due to weather, holidays, and other high-demand periods.

Preparing for Departure

If you have a connecting flight at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), please be sure to review relevant guidelines for the airport in advance, as well as additional information provided about Philadelphia for your convenience:


International Airport Travelers:
Please review the Know Before You Go notifications and travel videos from U.S. Customs and Border Protection in their entirety and review any relevant travel advisories prior to travel: