Altoona-Blair County Airport

Fly Altoona

Pre-Trip Planning

-Familiarize yourself with the policies of all airlines you will be traveling aboard, including check-in, security and TSA regulations.

-Check for any travel advisories for your destination.

-Make plans in advance for transportation, meals, lodging, and any special requirements you may have.

-Take note of what you do on a daily basis. What products and services will you require for your business or leisure trip? Make sure your plan accounts for these.

-Plan your itinerary.

-Know when your flight will depart and arrive, as well as the connect time between airlines.

-Keep your phone secure. Set a password, delete and/or log out of any sensitive apps (such as banking and home security system control apps), and back up your information. You can easily reinstall apps when you arrive.

-Plan to dress in comfortable layers appropriate for the season and your destination, as well as sturdy shoes. A hoodie makes excellent travel attire.

-Do not travel with a severe cold, flu, or allergies. You could lose your hearing and make others ill. Reschedule your flight if you are sick.


-Prior to packing, review the TSA travel regulations to ensure you do not pack prohibited items and that your baggage and contents meet these regulations.

-Be sure to review our guide, Check-In, Security & TSA Regulations.

-Include all items you will need within 24 hours in your carry-on bag, as well as valuables and irreplaceable items.

-Carry essential documents (identification, medical documents, checkbook, etc.) in a money belt worn directly on your body. Bring a wallet for small purchases as a decoy if you would happen to be confronted.

-Do not overstuff your carry-on bag. If the overhead bin cannot be closed and latched, the bag must be checked (and you will have caused a flight delay).

-Roll your clothes instead of folding them. It takes up less space and allows for convenient access.

-Do not carry or bring sharp items aboard.

-Be aware of the TSA 3-1-1 Liquids Rule: Liquid/aerosol/gel substances are limited to 3.4 oz. (100 mL) per container and all such substances must be kept within one clear quart-sized bag. Maximum of one liquids bag per passenger.

-Snack Bag – Consider packing in-flight snacks in a brown paper bag or disposable take-out box. You may include items such as fresh fruit and veggies, raisins, nuts, cheese cubes, etc., as well as an empty water bottle (to be filled after clearing security).

-Take chewing gum along. Chew during takeoff and landing to ease altitude adjustment.

-Take pictures of your baggage before handing it over to assist with identification, if necessary.

-Bring along work, reading materials, a guidebook about your destination, a downloaded movie, or something to keep yourself occupied.

-When traveling with children, be sure to bring snacks. A portable DVD player or Kindle is also an excellent option.

-Consider bringing earplugs, an eye mask, and noise cancelling headphones to help block out cabin and engine noise, lights, etc.

-Bring along patience, courtesy, and an understanding that others may be going through personal challenges.

At the Airport

-Be sure to allow plenty of time for check-in, security screening, and checking your baggage.

-Be sure to review our guide in advance of your arrival: Check-In, Security & TSA Regulations.

-It is not advisable to access sensitive data (such as work emails, bank accounts, etc.) over any unsecured internet connection. If you must, consider a plugin such as HTTPS Everywhere or SurfEasy VPN to help encrypt data on public connections.

-When using ATMs, it is better to use bank-run ATMs. They are somewhat less likely to be targeted by identity thieves.

-Look before you leave.


-Be aware that you must abide by the instructions of the flight attendant at all times. The flight attendant’s instructions are not optional.

-Be aware that the galley and aisles are not common space. If you would like to use this space for any reason, you must first ask the flight attendant.

-Be aware that you must sit in the seat listed on your ticket.

-Keep your hands to yourself, your feet on the floor, and be respectful of the personal space of others around you.

-Do not change your child’s diaper anywhere except in the bathroom.

-Sit with your children and ensure they follow all rules and regulations. Be sure to bring toys and/or entertainment. You are in charge and will be held responsible for their actions.

-Be sure to remove headphones during the emergency briefing and when your flight attendant is present.

-Stay hydrated. Aim to drink one quart of water for every four hours in the air.

-Reconsider overindulging in alcohol or taking sleeping pills/sedatives. If your flight is delayed or the substance does not wear off by the time you reach your destination, you may be disoriented.

-Counter turbulence by jiggling your body slightly. You won’t feel it as much.

At Your Destination

-Be sure to examine your hotel bed for signs of insect infestation. If any sign is noted, alert the reception desk. Use the luggage rack provided. Do not sit luggage on bed or floor.

-Use the pants hanger clip to secure your curtains from light intrusion.

-If you arrive too late for the complimentary meal and all restaurants are closed, ask the reception desk if there are any snacks available. Often, you may be able to get something small to hold you over.

-If traveling to a country where the water is unsafe, avoid ice cubes, brush teeth with bottled water, and keep your mouth shut in the shower.

-Do not exchange money in your hotel. Shop around for a good exchange rate or use a credit card that doesn’t charge for purchases abroad.

After Your Trip

-Review your credit card statements and bank accounts for any suspicious activity soon, as well as over the next several weeks.

-Change all passwords and PINs.