Blair County Airport Authority

Altoona-Blair County Airport (AOO) – Fly Altoona

The mission of the Blair County Airport Authority, Inc. is to provide safe, efficient, quality aviation facilities to serve the aviation-related transportation needs of our community, and visitors to our community, with a focus on cost-effectiveness. We strive to maintain and develop the airport in an economically and environmentally sound manner as part of the local, state, national, and global economy and multi-modal transportation network with a focus on administering the airport efficiently and in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws, regulations, and policies governing airport and grant administration, considering all available funding sources for airport maintenance and development.

Our Goal

The Blair County Airport Authority, Inc.’s goal is to develop the physical facilities and services of the airport to meet the future needs of our community, including the provision of opportunities for the development of business, corporate, limited commuter, charter, and private general aviation activity – thereby providing a high level of service to the public.

Our Role In Community and Economic Development

The Blair County Airport Authority, Inc. is committed to operating with flexibility to accommodate new opportunities and shifts in economic development patterns, including promoting the development of compatible land use in undeveloped areas consistent with the planning and development objectives of local governments, balanced with the rights of affected landowners. As a driving force for economic growth and prosperity, we strive to establish and maintain effective working relationships between local and state governments, the FAA, and the private sector to best meet our region’s transportation and economic needs.

Blair County Airport Authority, Inc. is An Open Government Partner

The Blair County Airport Authority, Inc. recognizes the shared role of citizens, businesses, and government in creating action plans for a civil society. Therefore, we operate in an open and transparent manner, providing an open forum on all aspects of airport planning. We encourage and utilize input from all sectors of the aviation community, governmental entities, local businesses, and the general public in developing plans for the airport. You may contact us at: (814) 793-2027. Thank you for your interest in working together to help shape the future.