Altoona-Blair County Airport

For more than 80 years, Altoona-Blair County Airport has served the needs of air travelers with safety, efficiency, and reliability. Originally known as the Cove-Valley Airport, Altoona-Blair County Airport was formally dedicated on October 22, 1938 with then Governor Earle in attendance. The airport has since served countless area residents and travelers to local communities.

The Dawn of Flight in Blair County, PA

Initial aviation attempts in Blair County included those at the 68-acre Wyerman Farm north of Duncansville, whose grade was ultimately determined unfavorable for flying, and Bob Boland’s Flying Field (later named Cresson Airport), followed by the Duncansville Airport, which was established in 1930. Duncansville Airport famously hosted the 103rd Observation Squadron which featured 65 HP Piper Cubs that exhibited “bomb” droppings (bags of flour simulating bombs), spot landings, and formation flying spectacles for the 1939 Memorial Day celebration. Following the closure of the Duncansville Airport in 1956, the Altoona-Blair County Airport in Martinsburg became the sole commercial aviation facility serving the county.

Notable Events at Altoona-Blair County Airport

Altoona-Blair County Airport has served as a witness to history on numerous occasions. You may view some of these below, as well as on our Airport Events Photo Gallery Page.